A customizable checkers game with 14 different game styles
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Checkers-7 is a game that unites several popular checkers games from around the world. The program is customizable in terms of its appearance and players can compete online by choosing a game from fourteen different checkers styles.

The interface of the game is a simple checkers board with a menu on top. To get started, players only need to choose the game and can also apply the Giveaway rule. This rule comes from the Russian style and allows a piece to turn into a king if it touches the king’s row and jumps backwards.

The game offers three levels of difficulty; it can be played online against the computer as well as real players; and offers 14 different types of games: American, Brazilian, Canadian, Crowded, International, Frisian, Gothic, Italian, Pool checkers, Russian, Spanish, Sparse, Tai, Turkish checkers and Giveaway.

A great advantage of the game is that it can be customized: users can change the appearance of the program window, the board itself and the checkers pieces. In addition the program supports skins to easily change the looks from predesigned themes.

A fun game, worth trying with many great features such as “show possible moves and the last move” and saving a game to continue it later.

Max Santillana
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  • Customizable interface
  • Customizable checkers
  • Customizable board
  • 14 different games
  • Online gaming


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